Our practical approach to Application Services can help transform your business

We have the products, services and the expertise to help you make the most of these powerful tools.


IT applications have opened up creative new channels for communication between employees, partners and customers. They also help manage and mine the vast amounts of data generated. But IT is simply a means to an end, a tool for businesses to help gain competitive advantage.

So save your business from having to constantly figure out what should be in your ICT toolbox and how to use the technology effectively, by allowing us to do it for you.

Hosted contact centres
Mobility solutions
Digital marketing

Contact Centres: equip your business with 'best of breed' technology and services, while driving down costs

Today, companies often operate multiple Contact Centres and allow customers to reach agents through numerous channels: telephone, e-mail and Web. So while this increased contact provides great business opportunities, building, equipping, running and constantly updating in-house Call Centres is often an expensive and time consuming exercise.

That's why over 1,000 clients, with more than 10,000 lines of voice technologies, depend on us to provide that service for them.

The future of Call Centre solutions

Our full-service, next-generation Call Centres are built upon our managed data centre platform and provide superior hardware, software and service. The broad range of functionality you'll get includes:

  • Multi-channel access for your business and your customers (mobile voice, fixed telephony, web, fax and SMS)
  • Automatic voice system, providing a voice portal with Natural Language capacity
  • Web intelligence assistant with a Virtual Web Advisor
  • Access to eManagement services
  • Short messages sending system.

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Machine to machine (M2M): bringing transparency to your business


Our M2M application solution provides data transmission between machines, for both fixed and mobile objects, with all of the security, speed and availability you expect.

With both telemetry (wireless-to-fixed M2M) and telematic (wireless-to-mobile M2M) applications, we can support the delivery, deployment and maintenance of:

  • Fleet and asset management
  • Safety and security
  • Journey management and navigation.

Our telemetry M2M applications include the monitoring and control of:

  • Alarm systems
  • Industrial processes
  • Electronic payment terminals
  • Vending machines
  • Meter reading for things like gas, water and electricity.

While our telematic M2M applications include fleet and freight management solutions such as:

  • Cargo tracking
  • Route planning
  • Order management
  • Logistics for road, rail, air and sea
  • Auto telematics with driver navigation, safety, vehicle diagnostics, car security, mobility services, and traffic information.

These M2M applications will help you manage requirements as they happen. For example, effectively dealing with your customers and suppliers, whilst at the same time providing real-time updates to your head office. The data gained from M2M helps measure process efficiency, which in turn allows you to make the most of your people, vehicles and buildings.

Our M2M solutions focus on helping you monitor every point of contact and in turn:

  • Accelerates processes
  • Removes duplication
  • Maximises resources
  • Builds loyalty and retains staff
  • Allows you to build and maintain close relationships with key suppliers
  • Consistently provides great customer service.

To find out more about our M2M solutions please visit us at our M2M website

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Application to person (A2P): technologies that play to your strengths

Use SMS text messaging to communicate directly with your customers, through our A2P bi-directional platform. This is a powerful tool for mobile marketing, content delivery and customer service applications; and the only service available for enterprise customers with global reach and central billing.

You can use A2P to aggregate content and schedule its delivery through an easy-to-use interface, without having to worry about what network or time zone the destination device is on, or what technology it uses.

The benefits of A2P are numerous:

  • The service provides global reach to any mobile network
  • It can be invoiced centrally
  • You'll gain cost reduction by using a single source
  • It replaces more expensive methods of content delivery
  • You'll gain real time information for customers
  • You'll be using text messaging, a popular format
  • The solution is technology and time zone agnostic
  • You'll see improved content delivery through aggregation and data entry interface.

Though this technology is relatively new, it's already been enthusiastically embraced by our customers. Our financial institution customers, for example, are sending over 10 million SMS communications per month using the A2P platform.

Our A2P products help improve the efficiency of your business processes by making them mobile across:

  • Business Applications
  • e-Commerce
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Collaborative applications
  • Access to applications
  • Collaborative mail
  • e-Learning
  • Document Digitalisation.

Features of bi-directional A2P SMS include:

  • Global reach with special tariffs in our 20 on-net mobile networks
  • Access via Internet, IPSec, IP-VPN
  • Content input via Mail2SMS, Web browser (HTTP/HTTPS) or Web service Excel file (delivery scheduling)
  • Reporting facilities, SLA
  • Commercial model includes monthly SMS packages and message throughput
  • Application hosted at our Miami data centre
  • SMS broker for off-net reach (supra carrier)
  • Full security and confidentiality for better customer service
  • Central or distributed billing
  • The solution takes advantage of high mobile penetration rates (e.g. 70% mobile versus 23% Internet in Mexico).

Mobility solutions: what your business needs, when and where it's needed

Application mobilisation, or enterprise mobility as it's also called, is more than just mobile email access, it's:

  • Web-based applications that give your employees full and secure access to their customer, financial and business data, no matter where they are;
  • A powerful tool for customer relations through customer service, content delivery and mobile marketing.

Most importantly, it can help your business improve productivity, reduce costs and boost its bottom line.

How our approach to mobility solutions benefits you

We take a practical approach that assures our customers get the most flexible solutions best suited to their business. And we can do this for you, all through a single point of contact.

The first step in this process is to completely understand how your organisation operates. Your dedicated Global Account Manager, supported by local account mangers, will work closely with you to identify the opportunities for improving efficiency and keeping your employees connected. And we'll jointly develop a plan to achieve your business objectives.

It's only then that we provide technical professional services around a solutions stack comprising of:

  • Managed services
  • Mobilising processes
  • Business applications and email.

These enterprise applications are flexible and can be integrated with your existing back-end systems. They're also comprehensive and consistent, with broad third party support from a variety of leading vendors.

As a result, your employees will have secure connections to the information they need over their mobile devices (including laptops, smartphones and handheld devices) via a Web browser with an easy-to-use interface. This means they can operate seamlessly out of the office.

Critically, you'll have full access to key data metrics to measure your performance while tracking your return on investment.

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Digital marketing: being where your customers are, providing them with what they want

Our comprehensive digital marketing solution is aimed at opening up the new channels of communication for your business. We offer fully integrated services across communications technology, deployment, platform and equipment; globally.

One multinational retail customer, for example, has launched an in-store digital marketing campaign focused on ring tones and music. Its shoppers are now able to respond to in-store promotions and order products by texting a displayed keyword to the businesses' CSC.

From content to screens, you'll have a complete digital marketing solution, delivering your multimedia content across all of your businesses from a central point. This model is flexible; allowing you to determine what is shown to the public, along with where and when. Integration with third party applications, including SMS, content system, external sources information and client applications is also available to you.

How digital marketing benefits your business:

  • Allows you to offer personalised content
  • Creates production and campaign distribution cost savings
  • Enhances client retention
  • Develops both internal and external communication channels
  • Enables remote coverage of information and personalised content by location and client
  • Creates new channels of information, promotion or advertising
  • Offers immediacy in the communication of campaigns with extensive geographical coverage.

Our collaborative approach means our first priority will be working closely with you to gain a full understanding of how your business works. It's only then that we'll devise a plan to help your business solve the challenges you face and deliver the benefits you want.

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