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What Current Analysis is saying about us:

“Positive on Telefónica’s extension to its access and managed mobility portfolio for the enterprise, as Wi-Fi connectivity has become increasingly important for global mobile workforces largely driven by cost reduction strategies. The move further enhances the range of Telefónica services and demonstrates its customer focus and innovative approach to solutions. This is also a strategy that will increase Telefónica’s chances of winning global RFPs that require a full range of connectivity options.”

Telefónica Extends Wi-Fi Hotspots and Offers Unlimited Data Proposition for New Universal Wi-Fi Service.
Emma Keedwell
Current Analysis
January 2014

What IDC is saying about us:

“Understanding customer needs: From a business perspective Telefónica shows an understanding of the issues facing CIOs… Overall, its approach to meeting MNC customer needs is focused rightly on solutions, not one-off products, and this approach is backed up by a pragmatic attitude to technology and service sourcing.”

Telefónica Global Solutions Outlines its Global, MNC and 3rd Platform Aspirations.
James Eibisch, Melissa Fremeijer
December 2013

What Forrester Research is saying about us:

“Telefónica is developing the right portfolio to address market challenges. There is a logical game plan for strengthening the market position including: improving core WAN and Ethernet services, a comprehensive mobile services portfolio to lead customer engagements, aggressive SIP trunking propositions to win TCO evaluations, expanded core cloud and security services and innovating through OTT and vertical solutions on M2M in banking, retail and public sector markets."

Forrester Research, Inc.: Telefónica - Horizontal Play to Consolidate Global Networks through the Southern Hemisphere.
Henning Dransfeld
December 2013

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